Sunday, March 22, 2009

Roller Derby Indeed

I went to Roller Derby last night and had a blast. However, there was some bullshit going on. The Hell's Belles got away with murder (like always) and managed to win the game...even though they cheat ALL THE TIME!!! That the h? Sooo not cool.

Needless to say. I was not happy about that. AAANDD our section had the opportunity to win free Chipotle (yum) if one person could name who would make the most points in the one round. I was yelling and screaming for this guy to say Manic Attackers, but since he was a dumb-ass he said Hells' Belles. And, you guessed it, the Manic Attackers (my fav. team) gained a grand slam in that one part!!! Why!!??? I totally wanted Chipotle. Very much not fair!

After the game we all went to the after-party. We got to have the best rum in the world Kilo Kai, which made me quite happy.
Oh! I've completely forgotten to state this! Maygen and Becca came down from RC to view the WCR (and all of Roller Derby-dom) for the first time. After a few questions about the rules and explaining who the jammer was, and why they could get points blah, blah, blah, they were having a great time.

Aaaaanyway, they after-party. We were drinking and having fun. Then I get told that I'm flirting with Maygen. Didn't think that I was. Of course, I usually can't tell if I'm flirting with just happens. So sue me! I think I might have been though, and just not realised it. She's attractive. What can I do? I AM only human.

So now I have to ponder about this. Why do I find her attractive? What is the reasoning for this? Is there something deeper, or is it just a surface attraction? She is fun to talk to. DAMMIT!

Now, for something completely is a picture from my vacation the first day I was out in Palm Springs. It was fun, but a little sore afterwards. Fun!

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